McPherson is home to one of the largest pharmaceutical injection manufacturing sites in the country. If you or a family member has recently needed an injectable – there’s a good chance it came through McPherson. We’ve got the knowledge, power, and location it takes to be successful in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing makes up a large percentage of our local job force. Our people know pharmaceutical production. McPherson County has an effective cost of both skilled and unskilled labor, a reliable and available workforce, and agreeable regulatory policies making it the perfect location for your pharma-related needs.

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McPherson: Home of Pfizer


Our unique utility situation gives you industrial electric rates 59 percent lower than California and 26 percent lower than the national average… an advantage that can save you millions. We have our own power plants, impeccable infrastructure, and responsive local staff to ensure you don’t lose service.

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Prime Location

McPherson is located smack dab in the middle of the United States, giving it the perfect location to reach either coast and anywhere in between. Whether you’re looking to build or find an existing facility, we have your new location ready to go. We have shovel-ready sites of all sizes with all the utilities you need to start production. As a hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing, McPherson has access to several large distribution routes, saving your business time and money.

Prime Location